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Monkey Island 2 - question

Hey! I hope you guys can help me.

I'm playing Monkey Island 2 at the moment (not the lite version) and it seems like I have a technical problem.

I am currently on Dinkey Island, and am trying to make the parrot help me. The problem is, everytime I make the crackers, I receive two instead of three.

The walkthrough says:

Walk to the left and enter the jungle. Take a left turn and follow the road until you end up at a tree with a bag hanging from it. Smash the bottle on the tree and use the broken bottle to rip a hole in the bag. Pick up the box that fell to the ground and use the distilled water on it. Now you have three crackers.

No I dont! I only get two. And I've tried everything.

What can I do? Any help would be appriciated.

edit: I got it now, thanks :]
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