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Hi, I hope this community is still active since I only just found it and you seem like nice people!

I've recently gotten back on an adventure game kick and I really really want to play Loom. I downloaded a torrent from Pirate Bay that has most if not all the SCUMM games plus SCUMMVM and some other stuff. It contained two versions of Loom, presumably the CD version and the older VGA version. They both run, but I can't hear any sound.

My questions:

How do I know if sound is working properly?
Is there supposed to be music during the Lucasarts logo? During the title logo?
Which data files actually have sound data on them? *.ogg files are in a separate folder from the *.lec and *.lfl files.
Is the game solvable without sound? I mean, don't I need to be able to hear the threads?

I tried to troubleshoot this for three hours tonight and am completely confused. I tried it both on and off SCUMMVM, tried all the audio configurations, tried running the files off the harddisk and mounting/burning the CD image. I downloaded the files to a WinXP computer, but also have the option of trying them on a Win95 laptop.

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this.

Edit: Problem solved! Thanks everybody!
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