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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge sampler finished!

The Monkey Island 2 sampler is finished, and I think it turned out pretty nice! The whole thing is on fabric that measures 15" high by 18" wide, and I started posting progress on 9/23/12. It was finished on 10/11/12.

The whole thing was hand-charted on Excel or graph paper using sprites from, specifically the MI2 sprites ripped by Ultimecia. The banner with my name/date came from a chart off the Internet; I designed the central plaque based on the one from the world map xstitch I also did this year.

I had to adjust colors several times, especially the browns and grays. In the game, Wally is hanging from chains; maybe if I'd positioned him farther down, I could've done that, but as it was, he's now hanging from a bar. The Voodoo Lady is supposed to be in her chair, but the chair was just too big and complicated to add to the piece, so she's standing instead. I'm still not thrilled with Herman Toothrot's face (he's the meditating pirate).

I do wish I could put something between Wally and Guybrush on the right, but no other sprites work there. Not even another monkey. If I find some kind of piratey charm before I frame it, I might fill it in there. But all the item sprites (such as the map) are about the same size, and horizontal, so there's nothing I can easily put in there that would make sense with the rest of the piece.

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