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whats the name of the game?

Okay adventure game experts...Was I dreaming or does this game actually exist, and if so, what is it called?
Years and years ago...probably about 8 or 9, or maybe even more, I was at my uncles house, where he showed me a "new" computer game he had gotten. It was quite old school, since it was most likely made in the 90s, very pixelated, with dialogue writing onscreen similar to monkey island 1.

All I saw was the beginning of it, so all I have to go on are my fuzzy memories of the sequence, but I remember a large mansion-like house and something about a baby being left in a basket on the front steps, but something was wrong with it, like it was supposed to be evil or something. I think it had glowing red eyes. It was pretty freaky looking, or at least, it freaked me out, and it was definately not geared towards children, it seemed more like a mystery or horror genre, so I did'nt have any interest in playing the game then and went back to Monkey Island. Now I am extrmeley curious to know what that game is because its been bugging me for a while now. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Or does someone know of a place that lists adventure games and their descriptions? Let me know!
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