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LucasArts game sampler, finished!

The LucasArts sampler is finished!! And now framed and I hope I never have to get it out, because framing it was a bigger PITA than it should have been.

Here is the final piece, which I finished last night.

Top row: Zombie LeChuck (from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge), Guybrush Threepwood (retro-look Tales of Monkey Island), Hoagie (Day of the Tentacle)
Middle row: Purple Tentacle (DOTT), LucasArts "Gold Guy" logo, Max (Sam and Max Hit the Road)
Bottom row: Sam (S&MHTR), Laverne and Bernard (DOTT)

There was absolutely NO room for a border, I should've scooched Sam and Bernard a little closer in to Laverne as it was.

LeChuck and Guybrush are not to scale with the others because they weren't drawn "cartoony" like the others; they're more traditional pixel sprites. The original Guybrush was really small, too, so I had to rip him out completely and start fresh.

Every character on this sampler was hand-charted by me. The finished piece fits (tightly) in a 12x16 frame. I hand-graphed the header using a basic backstitch font.

There is a bigger pic here if you want to zoom in on it.

This was loads of fun to stitch. ^_^ I'd still love to do a Monkey Island sampler, probably MI2 since I can get all the sprites for that one pretty easily. But next up, I think I'll return to the world map and see if I can finish that this summer.
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